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Moerman Combinator
Moerman Combinator
Moerman Combinator
Moerman Combinator
Moerman Combinator
Moerman Combinator

Moerman Combinator

Combinator: more than just a 2 in 1!

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Moerman's 2-in-1 tool!

High build quality and highly cool look!

The Combinator is a truly versatile 2-in-1 instrument.

Thanks to a very simple quick release mechanism the Combinator can:

- be used as a 2 in 1 tool for washing and splinting - especially at height when working on the rod - without having to change tools; by mounting the mop behind the squeegee, a simple rotation is enough to switch from the mop to the squeegee. The advantage and usefulness of this system compared to 2 in 1 such as Moerman Excelerator and similar lies in the greater wetting capacity due to the presence of a classic fleece, essential especially at high temperatures because the application of a greater quantity of solution on the glass allows to have time to work without it evaporating prematurely. One does not replace the other: they are complementary tools that find a field of use in different circumstances

- be used as a "one pass" tool by mounting the fleece in a frontal position just below the squeegee. This mode allows you to wash and splint in a single pass even in the presence of more than light dirt as it is usually recommended to do with this type of instrument. The fact that the fleece is standard allows for greater cleaning power. Suitable for interior work: the fleece in this position prevents the solution removed from the glass from going to the ground, thus saving time and energy.

- be used as a classic squeegee: yes, thanks to the cap that must be applied in the quick release housing (it is only an aesthetic question since the non-application does not affect the functioning) the combinator also turns out to be an excellent classic squeegee from excellent ergonomics and functionality.

Very advantageous quality/price ratio!

The Combinator is a very useful addition to a window cleaner's arsenal!

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