Traditional Window Cleaning Tools

Complete Squeegees

Moerman Squeegee - Premium Snapper Handle and Liquidator 3.0 Channel

Complete Squeegees

Wagtail Power Pivot Window Cleaning Squeegee

Ref. PP14
Complete Squeegees

Wagtail Orbital Swivel Squeegee

Ref. OS14
Complete Squeegees

Wagtail Slimline Squeegee

Ref. SLS10
Complete Squeegees

Wagtail High Flyer Rope Access Squeegee Original Version

Complete Squeegees

Pulex UniHandle Combination Tool Squeegee

Complete Squeegees

Unger VisaVersa - Squeegee and Scrubber

Ref. VP350
Squeegee Rubber

Unger Box of ErgoTec Pro Squeegee Rubbers - Hard

Ref. RP35H
€2.73 €3.03
Squeegee Rubber

IPC Pulex Soft Squeegee Rubber

Ettore Microswipe Cloths
Product available with different options

Ettore Microswipe Cloths

Ref. 84410
Complete Squeegees

Wagtail High Flyer Rope Access Squeegee Version 2.0

Unger Power Green Squeegee Rubber
Product available with different options
Squeegee Rubber

Unger Power Green Squeegee Rubber

Ref. RR45G

Wide range of traditional equipment for cleaning glass and mirrors according to the squeegee and washer method.

Professional Window Cleaners

Here you will find the best equipment for washing windows using the classic system on the market. We know what a professional window cleaner needs and have glass cleaning kits prepared for all skill levels. Whether you are hoping to start a window cleaning business as a 'window cleaner' or you already have an established job in window cleaning, here you will find high quality items from leading brands such as Unger, Ettore, Wagtail and Moerman. These traditional tools were selected because we believe they will help you be more efficient as you work on cleaning windows.

Entrepreneurs and Household Cleaners

If you are looking for some basic tools to clean the windows and shower of your home, or as an entrepreneur your office, shop windows or perhaps for the maintenance of hotel windows, then we have some quality equipment in mind for you. and economic. You will find the suggested window cleaning tools in the Complete Window Cleaning Kits section.

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