WINDOWZ.IT aims at being a reference point for "window cleaners" in Italy and throughout Europe.

Being "window cleaners" ourselves we know how much the right equipment and techniques can make the difference in terms of quality, speed and consequently, of margins and profit. Our mission is therefore, searching all over the world for the best suppliers of products and equipment to bring them together in a single e-commerce: WINDOWZ.IT

We believe that our passion for this niche is crucial to make the difference and stand out from "general" suppliers of the Cleaning market. Our know-how can help our customers closely, we will be walking along with our clients to succeed in any challenge.


WINDOWZ.IT is relatively new when it comes to selling equipment, but it's certainly not new to experience in the field of window cleaning.

Mark Henderson, founder of the Windowz company, started working as a "window cleaner" at the age of 17 in northern England, in London and lastly in north-western Italy. He is also the creator of an online portal for "window cleaners" in the United Kingdom: "Window Cleaning Resources Ltd" has created and distributed instructional DVDs and has become a reference point to find suppliers, information, practical advice and even to buy and sell turnovers.

In 2020, understanding the need for a similar reference point also in Italy, where the number of "window cleaners" were rapidly growing, Mark decided to sell "Window Cleaning Resources" to shift his focus to the making of WINDOWZ.IT

After a couple of years, here come Marzia Roberto and Emanuele Costa to become partners in the renewed WINDOWZ.IT S.R.L. They aim at bringing their pragmatic vision in managing a future-oriented company in such an important niche of the professional cleaning market.

And this leads to today’s team:

  • Mark Lee Henderson, The Thinker
  • Marzia Roberto, The Dreamer
  • Emanuele Saverio Costa, The Realist

Mark Henderson, Founder

"I love my job. When you have something good, you want to share it with others… I started by encouraging a few friends to give it a try, then others recognized that it's a good thing and started doing it."

WINDOWZ .IT aims to be a point of reference for those who want to undertake the profession of 'window cleaner'. By now several in the Piedmont area and in other areas of Italy have undertaken this activity with good results.

"I like the idea that others can receive the benefits of doing a simple job and I see that those who have started doing it are enthusiastic.... It is not easy to create a business circle from scratch and therefore I have tried to pass on the my experience and knowledge to facilitate and speed up their learning journey. "

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